About Us


The AM-UNITY team is an array of passionate, driven and talented individuals who all made the decision to volunteer their time, energy and skills to the cause of human rights. Each of us has had a different journey into the magazine and this has made the team strong, diverse and fascinating with one common goal: to showcase and promote the importance of Amnesty youth activism. We are writers, editors, photographers, designers and marketers from a multitude of countries, studies and walks of life.


The magazine began as an idea tossed around the Amnesty Victoria office in 2013. The aim was to highlight current human right issues internationally and put a spotlight on the amazing work of young local activists. The magazine team began as part of the Victorian University Group network and the members combined their diverse skills to develop AM-UNITY. They came from across the Victorian university spectrum; Ellie from International Relations and Policy at the University of Melbourne, Emily from  International Relations and Journalism at Deakin University, Lucy from International Relations and writing as La Trobe and Swinburne Universities, and Mileta from writing at RMIT University.  Since then, each edition has brought new talent to the magazine and everyone has learned and continued to improve upon the process.


AM-UNITY is a space to highlight local and international human rights issues, and showcase the activism work of Amnesty youth. It provides readers with information and inspiration on Amnesty campaigns, as well as informing them of other pathways that young people passionate about human rights can pursue. The magazine offers activists the opportunity to engage with like-minded people and groups. It empowers them and helps to create a broader network of activism and advocacy, which helps promote future partnerships for young activists.

Although the magazine has a permanent team, each edition relies upon and welcomes outside submissions from writers, artists, photographers and other skilled and passionate individuals and groups with a passion for human rights.  There are no limits on how you can express your commitment to bettering the human rights situation of our world and we love to be surprised.

The creation of this magazine demonstrates that a common passion for human rights can turn strangers into friends, unite people of all backgrounds and ignite action and change. 

Young activists are in a unique position. You are fresh, adaptable, passionate and determined. Amnesty youth are already proving the power of social media and technology. The enthusiasm that you bring to every campaign and event is inspiring and remarkable.
Your opportunities to inspire change are endless.