Julija Veljkovic

My family often call me the 'justice queen', which prompted me to ask the question, why do I have this fierce need to correct the wrongs of this world? It all started with History lessons, where I was first introduced into the world of U.S foreign policy and its invasive impacts on vulnerable communities in third world countries. With a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism my interest in the blurry objective lines of war journalism only exacerbated my need to do something, spurring me to test my endurance with Melburnian weather.

Hailing from sunny but ultimately windy Portugal, I completed my Master of International Relations and have since then extensively volunteered in the non-profit sector, dabbling with refugee rights, children rights and women rights. As a writer, I am deeply passionate about human rights, social justice and community development. And as a global citizen I feel responsible to take action and right some of the wrongs out there.

Elaine Mead
Head Writer

I am a freelance writer and editor, based in Perth. Human rights and education are my two passions in life and when not working within student support, I volunteer with the Red Cross, delivering workshops in the community about Refugee & Asylum Seeker journeys. I have written widely on a number of topics and believe that educating yourself and creative pursuits have the power to make lasting change in the world. 

When not writing, you will find me escaping phone reception on a hike or planning my next travel adventure. 

Kiki Havos
Artist Director

I am a student at the University of Melbourne and am currently undertaking my Masters of International Relations. With a background in film and creative writing, I am passionate about art advocacy and the need for creative arts within politics. I admire graphic novels and comic books, and additionally hope that one day I will create my own, focused around human rights and environmental justice. 

In between my studies, I enjoy swimming, music and coming up with ideas for films I am often too busy to write. 

Thomas Abildgaard

Lead writer

Thais Sabino
Thaís Sabino

I chose Journalism for my life because I wish to make a difference and use my words to fight for a better world. I have been passionate about human rights for as long as I can remember and I advocate for them by writing. I've pursued cases of human rights violations and reported them for various publications in Brazil, where I am originally from. After completing my Bachelor of Journalism, in 2009, I researched human behaviour in mass society for two years, followed Brazilian political protests and interviewed people from minority communities. The study gave rise to a book and to my Master degree in Semiotics Psychoanalytics. In 2016 I moved to Australia, where I want to continue on my path, so being a part of AM-UNITY is an honour.