Edition 2 : June 2014

Edition 2 : June 2014

This edition of AM-UNITY Magazine sees a focus on Refugee/Asylum Seeker Rights, Afghan Women’s Rights, and LGBTIQ Rights. Inside you will find articles on maternal health in Afghanistan, the truth about Manus Island, and the regular Ethical Consumption article, which puts a spotlight on cocoa consumption. In addition to this, a variety of events were covered by AM-UNITY writers including Boat Day and the International Women’s Day breakfast. This edition also includes many ways that you can help support these causes and become an activist yourself!

The Women of Afghanistan: Caged in a Man's World

The Women Of Afghanistan: Caged In A Man's World

Aisha Mohammadzai is an emblem of the fight for women’s rights in Afghanistan and the new generation of young women who are finding hope and strength in education. 

Maternal Health in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Where Birth May Mean Death

A girl born in Afghanistan faces a shockingly high chance of death during pregnancy or childbirth compared to her counterpart born in Australia. Women in Afghanistan are fighting for their rights to better healthcare, education and family planning.

LGBTIQ Pride March 2014

What Is Pride Marching Really About?

Gay Pride marches are becoming an increasingly important part of Australia’s history and despite criticisms, the marches have helped put gay rights in the spotlight. The Pride March reminds us all how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go.

Ethical Consumption Article

Ethical Consumption: A Spotlight On Cocoa

Cocoa production exploits the poverty of many communities around the world, including children who are forced to work or sold to traffickers. Fairtrade is the best decision you can make as a consumer to demand change.