Edition 3 : November 2014

The third edition of AM-UNITY magazine explores governments who torture, press freedom, refugee human rights and LGBTIQ rights. This edition includes a feature article on Afghanistan 'dancing boys', an interview with Through My Eyes series editor Lyn White, and showcases photographer Valeria Cornia's moving and harrowing images.

Afghanistan Dancing Boys

Afghanistan Dancing Boys: The Exploitation Of Bacha Bazi

It is a form of abuse that is rarely spoken of; however, it is rising in popularity. Countless boys are facing sexual exploitation as part of the Bacha Bazi practice, which literally translates into ‘boy play’.

Behind the Barcode

Ethical Consumption: Behind The Barcode Of Fashion

Behind the Barcode helps consumers become informed about the clothing they buy. Consumers can become educated about where their clothing is coming from and if it has been sourced ethically.

How Free is Australia’s Press?

How Free Is Australia’s Press?

Reporters without Borders releases a World Press Freedom Index each year and in 2014, Australia’s press freedom ranked worse than Ghana.

Solitary Confinement & Prisoners Rights

Solitary Confinement And Prisoner's Rights

Solitary confinement is a cruel practice that has been vehemently condemned by countless human rights organisation, yet it is inflicted upon prisoners in many Western states as a convenient solution to bureaucratic and social problems.