Edition 4 : May 2015

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The fourth edition of AM-UNITY magazine is out now! Just click on the magazine cover on the left to view our latest edition – in it we explore press freedom, refugee rights and the death penalty. This edition includes amazing images from the Refugee Art Project, an incredible feature on the ritual slaughter of albinos in Tanzania, and images of people standing in solidarity against the death penalty. Click now to find out more and discover everything this edition has to offer!

Children in Detention

Children In Detention

Under a scorching sun people line up for food, access to toilets, or for the chance to see a doctor. The ground is hard and rocky, and wastewater runs freely. This is not a disaster zone. This is Australia.

Ethical Consumerism

Ethical Consumerism: The Realities Of Land Grabbing

It’s a classic David and Goliath story or like something out of a film: corporate ‘fat cats’ taking advantage of the poor and needy. ‘Land grabbing’, the new craze wherein rich corporations buy up foreign farmland for cheap agriculture, bio-fuel or timber.

Millennium Development Goals: A Progress Report

Millennium Development Goals: A Progress Report

In 2000, world leaders gathered at the UN headquarters in New York for the Millennium Summit, with the intention of putting together a range of achievable, time-based goals aimed at improving global development outcomes by 2015. These became known as the Millennium Development Goals.

Refugee Art Project

Refugee Art Project

The Refugee Art Project is an incredible initiative created by a diverse group of academics and artists, who shared a concern for asylum seekers and refugees making the harrowing journey to Australia, only to be locked indefinitely in detention centres.