Edition 5 : October 2015

Welcome to the fifth edition of AM-UNITY Magazine! In this issue we focus on Indigenous rights, refugee rights, and gender equity & diversity. Inside you will find amazing articles about why it is important to stand up for the rights of Indigenous peoples and what you can do to help. Have you heard of a fa'afafine? We also have an incredible article that looks at gender diversity across different cultures. Click below to find out more!

Gender Diversity: Tradition, Not Trend

With celebrities Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox dominating gossip column headlines around the world, transgender identity has been thrust into the mainstream spotlight like never before.

Why Is It Important To Stand Up For Indigenous Peoples’ Rights?

We speak with Latoya Rule, a truly inspiring First Nations Activist, to find out how we can all take part in ending racial discrimination. 

Positive Changes Through Positive Actions

We revisit two of the main contenders in unethical food practices: unsustainable palm oil and cocoa. Together, these two ingredients account for a staggeringly large amount of environmental and human rights damage.

Artist Profile: Adnate

Adnate is an artist that realises his portraits in spray paint. He has moved past his roots in graffiti, utilising the medium to carry his realist style into the fine art realm.