Edition 6 : March 2016

Welcome to Edition 6 of AM-UNITY Magazine! In this issue we concentrate on refugee rights, ethical travel, Indigenous rights and gender equity. Inside you’ll find thought-provoking articles about gender-based violence in Timor Leste and, closer to home, learn how Australian educators are trying to preserve disappearing Indigenous languages. Have you ever considered volunteering overseas? In this edition we also have a handy beginner’s guide to volunteering abroad. Click on the cover to find out more!

Ethical Travel: A Beginner's Guide To Volunteering Abroad

Voluntourism has become a large industry that is powered by those who are willing to give up a few weeks and a few thousand dollars to help the less fortunate, but how can you be sure that you are not being exploited or helping to exploit others?

Finding Our Way With Words

A new chapter begins for Australia's almost-lost Aboriginal languages.

Gender Equity Around The World: The Fight For Equality Continues

The fight for gender equity has spanned generations. From the right to an education for women, to the right for women to vote and to choose what happens to their bodies, the road has been long, arduous and deadly. 

Australia’s Deliberate Evasion Of Refugee Obligations – A Brief Insight

Despite pleas from the Human Rights Council and its delegates, a glaring testament to the vital need for change, the Australian government remains headstrong on its approach to asylum seeker policies and maintaining its fear-based discourse.