Edition 7 : July 2016

Welcome to Edition 7 of AM-UNITY Magazine! In this issue, we turn the spotlight on Indigenous justice, refugee rights, social enterprise and ethical travel. Inside you’ll find interviews with street artist Peter Drew and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Eva Orner. In a bid to change the conversation, we take a closer look at how the language used to discuss refugees influences attitudes. Singer-songwriter Aden Brim contemplates the healing power of music for Indigenous communities, a theme further explored in our poignant review of documentary Prison Songs. In this edition, we also introduce you to some ingenious social entrepreneurs who are making it easier for us to consume with a clear conscience. Check out the full edition here on Issuu!

AUSSIE poster by Peter Drew

Meet Monga Khan, Australia’s Forgotten Folk Hero

An interview with Adelaide street artist Peter Drew, the man who’s daring Australians to rethink what it means to be an Aussie.

Prison Songs

Prison Songs: A Musical Look into Life in an Outback Prison

The role of incarceration in Australian society is difficult to grasp fully, given that these stories are, in most cases, never heard in any great detail, if not merely ignored. Prison Songs seeks to rectify this dilemma.

Aysh Allah

A family recipe of hope from the Harasta foothills

Changing the Conversation

For decades now, the conversation around asylum seekers and refugees in Australia has been littered with falsities. It's time to rethink the words we use on the topic of seeking asylum.

Clean water in India

Could your everyday products change the world?

Make a difference every time you buy household basics from these ingenious social enterprises.

Dark prison cell

The Coronial Inquest into Ms Dhu’s Death in Police Custody

Three decades on from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, what lessons have we learned? Is Australia’s media and criminal justice system broken?

Exploring Indonesia

A Beginner’s Guide to Volunteering Abroad

Explore Indonesia, the ethical way, with this beginner's guide to volunteering abroad.

How to Consume with a Clear Conscience

An interview with Nick Ray, Co-founder of Shop Ethical!

Chasing Asylum

An interview with Academy-Award winning filmmaker Eva Orner, a woman who won’t settle for government secrecy.

Charity Tap: Can Your Ice Cold Beer Help Change the World?

Melbourne initiative makes the world a better place, one pint at a time.

Go-getting Refugees Start Over with Startups

Innovative refugee resettlement program ignites entrepreneurial passions.