Edition 1 : October 2013

Edition 1 : October 2013

The first edition of AM-UNITY Magazine sees a focus on Refugee/Asylum Seeker Rights and International Day Against the Death Penalty. Upon its release, these were central campaigns for Amnesty International, which sought to abolish the death penalty and gain further recognition for those seeking refuge in Australia. In addition to articles, AM-UNITY provide actions for readers to support the causes including Write for Rights, Amnesty After Hours and the University Group Network.


Hakamada Iawo

Hakamada Iawo: On Death Row Since 1968

One of Japan’s longest-serving death row inmates, Hakamada Iwao has been on death row for 47 years. He lives in a state of constant anxiety – he could be executed at any time, informed only the morning of his execution. This torturous existence is unacceptable.

Ethical Consumption Article

Ethical Consumption: Consumer Conscience

Palm oil is one of the most destructive ingredients to produce and it is in everything from potato chips to soap.  

Do the Write Thing

Do The Write Thing: Defend People Facing Persecution

The Write for Rights campaign is a fantastic way to get involved in the fight for human rights. It’s as simple as writing a letter but it could make all the difference to someone who is powerless, alone and vulnerable in their own community.

Anti-Death Penalty Quick Facts

Put An End To The Death Penalty: Anti-Death Penalty Quick Facts

Every day, all over the world, men women and even children are held as prisoners facing execution. They are denied the ultimate human right – the right to life.