Apps That Make Giving Easy

April 2017

If you’re anything like me, saving the world is high on your list of priorities. But real life tends to get in the way of our world-saving activities – despite the high ranking. And even with the best of intentions, we often find that we’ve actually done nothing at all. Or worse, you’ve posted about it on social media but that’s where your advocacy ended. Well I’ve come to tell you that there is a way to help, right from the comfort of your own home and with the ease of your mobile phone. It couldn’t possibly get any easier. Here is a list of apps that make giving easy:

Share The Meal:

This United Nation’s World Food Programme app helps you feed starving children with ease. For fifteen dollars, you can feed a child for an entire month and you don’t need to subscribe to monthly donations. Whenever you’ve got an extra fifteen dollars, you can use it to provide meals for children and be sure that they’ve got enough to keep them going for at least a month. So far, more than ten million meals have been shared.

Charity Miles:

This one is almost too good to be true, you don’t actually use any of your money and you get fit in the process. That covers both of my New Year’s resolutions in one app. For every mile run, corporate sponsors donate 25 cents to a charity of your choice.

Donate A Photo:

Another app that lets you donate without spending any money! Johnson & Johnson sponsor this app that invites you to donate a photo per day; for every photo donated, one dollar is donated to your selected charity. That’s right, you can donate up to 365 dollars a year with all those selfies that you thought made you vain. Charity selfie!

My Life As A Refugee:

This app sheds light on the real lives led by refugees – an incredibly important truth in the current socio-political climate of so-called “fake news” and “alternative facts.” The app is designed to create empathy, understanding and solidarity with refugees. Users get authentic insights into the lives of refugees, hear their stories, and then ask themselves, “What would I do?”

Charity Tap:

Literally the easiest app you’ve ever encountered and by far the quickest method to give back. All you have to do is tap the screen and you provide food, specifically rice to those in need. You can see a count of the grains you’ve donated and your taps per second. Happy tapping!

One Today:

This Google created app helps you discover new non-profit organisations and if you like it, you can donate as little as one dollar and easily find the details of what your donation has achieved.


Your competitive friends will love this. You and your friends make a friendly bet and the loser pays the agreed donation. The challenge could be anything from competitive races to the last man standing on a wild night out.

UNICEF Tap Project:

This one will likely be the hardest for most of us. It requires not touching your phone for as long as possible, you can even try to beat current record times and if you need further incentive, keep your wallet tucked away because major brands make the donation for you.

Just Give:

Barely any explanation necessary. If you’re in a giving mood, use this app to browse charities and then donate to one you like the most.


See? Giving is easy and these apps just made it a whole lot easier. So the next time someone tells you to put your phone down, just tell them you’re saving the world.